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Custom Massages

Finding a massage therapist that you can work with long term creates a deeper relationship and more sustainable change within your body.

Dana G Cares About Your Health

Dana G Cares About Your Health

Massage therapy is an investment in your health and wellbeing and your time and money should be invested with someone who cares and listens.

Located in Boulder, Colorado

Located in Boulder, Colorado

Learn more about the treatments I provide, schedule an appointment at Dana’s office in Boulder, or contact her with questions, or for in-home treatments.

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Joyce S.

” I am so pleased to have found her. Dana is experienced and knowledgeable…Dana is conscientious and professional. What else can I say? Dana is great!”

Ashley R.

“I am so blessed to have found Dana. Dana knows her stuff. Being a massage therapist myself (out of practice currently), it has been bittersweet being aware of knowing what a good massage is, that is— until I met Dana…Total Nirvana. Thank You, Dana!”

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Is pain keeping you from enjoying the activities that once brought you joy?

Do you have weakness or stiffness as a side effect of your chronic condition that makes simple daily tasks seem impossible and exhausting?

In dealing with your health do you feel frustrated with piecemeal solutions and one-off massages that don’t seem present during your session?

Are you looking to go deeper with a practitioner to create lasting solutions and sustainable change in your body?

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Most Popular Massages

25 Minutes

$50 /session
  • 1 focus area or a full body stretching session.

60 Minutes

$95 /session
  • Best for full-body relaxation massage or 1-2 areas.

90 Minutes

$130 /session
  • 1-2 areas, plus rest of body massage.

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Untitled design (22) Schedule an Appointment Online Call: (970) 703 4610
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